here’s why you need antioxidants in your haircare routine

With new ingredients being discovered all the time, it’s hard to know which ones deserve a permanent spot in your haircare routine, and which ones are nothing more than a fad. Remember what the hype was last week? Nope? Exactly. But antioxidants? Oh, they’re here to stay. Making their mark across the skincare and wellness industry, it was only a matter of time before they convinced us they’re worthy of a place in our haircare routines too. Get ready to load up on antioxidants…

what are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are naturally occurring compounds found in many fruits, vegetables, and plant extracts. To understand just how important antioxidants are for the hair, we first need to talk about free radicals.

Free radicals are produced by the body when it's under stress, such as exposure to UV rays, heat styling, and environmental pollution. They’re unstable molecules with missing electrons that’ll steal them from other molecules, damaging them in the process. Antioxidants help to prevent hair damage by neutralising free radicals and giving them their missing electrons.

5 benefits of antioxidants for the hair

1. Protects against UV rays

One of the biggest causes of free radicals is prolonged exposure to UV rays, and with summer coming in hot, you’ll want more antioxidants, stat. Alott Moisturising Shampoo Bar contains jojoba and coconut oils which are both rich in antioxidants to help keep free radicals under control. For that extra something-something, they also have a natural SPF of approximately 4 and 8 for even better protection against UV rays.

2. Preserves hair colour

Whether you colour your hair or not, antioxidants in your haircare routine will serve you well. Free radicals can damage hair pigments, causing your natural hair colour to appear dull and lacklustre and prematurely fading coloured hair. Our Nourishing Conditioner Bar features a lightweight broccoli seed oil that’s full of antioxidant-rich vitamins to maintain a natural shine without weighing your locks down. And because of its high concentration of fatty acids, such as omega 3, it smooths down rough hair cuticles so that they can better reflect light for even shinier hair.

3. Reduces hair breakage and split ends

Antioxidants also benefit the hair by strengthening the hair shaft and improving elasticity as they protect essential proteins, particularly keratin which makes up most of our hair, from free radical damage. When the hair is stronger and has high elasticity it can withstand more pressure - like brushing, washing, and drying - without breaking, meaning more length and volume.

4. Improves scalp health

A lot rides on a healthy scalp (basically the entire fate of your mane). When too many free radicals are being produced, it can become more sensitive and problem-prone. Most antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties that can provide sweet, sweet relief to your scalp by helping to soothe and calm itchiness and irritation.

5. Provides extra nourishment

As well as protecting the hair and scalp from free radical damage, antioxidants can seriously level up your haircare routine as they’re bursting with vitamins. For example, bergamot oil contains vitamins A, C, E, and K, alongside flavonoids and polyphenols, to support sebum and collagen production, cell development, and blood circulation.

Reap the benefits of bergamot oil and achieve soft coastal curls with the Sea Salt Spray. Let the beachy waves come to you, wherever you may be.

Can antioxidants be used on all hair types?

Some haircare ingredients are better suited to certain hair types than others, but antioxidants can benefit all hair types as none of them are immune to free radical damage. However, those with weak, damaged hair and/or who spend a lot of time in the sun will benefit the most from antioxidants in their daily routine.

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