4 easy ways to enhance your natural curls

Curls are complicated, and anyone with curly hair will tell you this. One day they’re out here living their best life, then the next they’re flat and seriously lacking definition. Nobody said having curly hair was going to be easy, but there are a few ways (4 to be exact) that you can easily enhance your natural curls and rack up some bonus points for doing it more sustainably. Right this way for conscious curls…


Curly hair types generally have less moisture than any other hair type. This is because the naturally moisturising oil produced by our scalp, AKA sebum, has a harder time travelling from root to tip as the twists and turns of the curls slow it down. A lack of moisture leads to dry, frizzy, and less defined curls, so adding more moisture wherever you can into your curly haircare routine will help to improve your curl pattern.

Try our moisturising shampoo bar to feed thirsty hair with jojoba oil, whilst preventing moisture loss with a lightweight protective film that won’t leave your hair looking greasy (you’re welcome). You’ll also discover nourishing bergamot to improve hair health and cedarwood to cleanse and promote hair growth.


The more you run a brush through your curls, the more you’ll disrupt your curl pattern. Most days you can probably get away with gently running your fingers through your hair, but on the days when your bed hair calls for a comb, we recommend switching to a bamboo wide-tooth comb that’ll slip right past your curls with minimal friction.

Why bamboo you ask? Bamboo is a biodegradable and renewable plant source that can be quickly regrown every time it’s harvested for use, making it a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic for your curly haircare routine.


Sure, you could dunk your hair in the ocean every time you want to enhance your natural curls, or you could try a sea salt spray for that much more convenient day-at-the-beach look. Sea salt works to bring beautiful texture and definition to natural curl patterns in need of a pick-me-up. But sea salt alone, like when it’s found in the ocean, can dry your hair out, so make sure to choose a sea salt spray paired with curl-loving ingredients.

Our sea salt spray won’t leave your hair feeling stripped of moisture thanks to aloe vera. Made from 99.1% natural origin, it features just the right amount of Halen Môn sea salt to add definition and texture without dryness, whilst detoxifying the scalp and absorbing excess oil (which can weigh your curls down and loosen your curl pattern). Combining hair styling with haircare, it’s enriched with Epsom salts and bergamot to boost volume and nutrient delivery to the hair follicles.


One of the easiest ways to enhance natural curls that anyone and everyone can do is to use less heat to style your hair. Damaged hair will struggle to hold natural curl patterns and cause them to lose definition. This doesn’t mean you have to give up your hot styling tools altogether, but cutting down on how much you use them can make a biiiig difference.

If you really can’t change how much you use hot styling tools, try changing how you use them instead. Holding a hair dryer further away from your hair, or getting alott sea salt spray to do most of the work before just touching up with a curling iron, are both ways to reduce heat damage and achieve a more defined curl pattern.

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