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holiday haircare essentials to pack for a beach vacation

As haircare enthusiasts ourselves, we’re familiar with the annual bathroom cupboard stare-off as you try to pick the best products to take with you on holiday. Every vacay spot you travel to calls for a different haircare routine. For example, when going on a city break, you’ll want to pack haircare products that combat pollution, whereas a beach holiday requires a lot more moisture than you’re used to with prolonged exposure to UV rays and seawater. Below is everything you need to keep your hair in tip-top condition with sand between your toes.


Seawater has a high salt content, meaning it draws moisture away from the hair. At first, you’ll be blessed with beautiful beachy waves, but the longer you spend in the ocean, the more you risk your hair becoming frizzy and undefined. 

A coconut oil hair mask is the answer to saving your dry, brittle locks post-beach day as it’s deeply hydrating. Abundant in fatty acids, which are smaller in molecular size compared to most oils, coconut oil can fully penetrate the hair shaft whilst creating a protective layer to trap moisture ready for your next swim. 

Avoiding the roots, apply coconut oil to the hair after washing for 10-15 minutes, then rinse. With the natural scent of a tropical paradise, it’d be almost rude not to include coconut oil in the best hair products for a beach holiday. 


With only beach days on the agenda for the foreseeable future, even the sleekest of hairs become unruly. Apart from the obvious discomfort from tugging at your scalp, a constant build-up of knots in your hair can lead to breakage, damage to the hair shaft, and even reduced elasticity as you may need to stretch the hair beyond its natural limits to get them out. 

A detangling spray is one of the best hair products for a beach holiday to tame your tresses. Coating the hair in a lightweight film of moisture, it lets your hairbrush slip through with minimal friction.

Apply to damp or dry hair, focusing more on the knotty areas, then leave it to sit for a few minutes before detangling. Remember, gentle is the name of the game.


Next up in our recommended haircare products to take on holiday is a compact shampoo and conditioner bar. These will help retain moisture and natural oils for silky soft hair, even if you choose to wash it after every trip to the beach.

Suitable for daily use, alott Shampoo + Conditioner Bar both feature nutritious oils that hydrate and lock in moisture for long-lasting softness. Kick back and relax knowing the moisturising shampoo bar cleanses the hair of saltwater and helps to prevent sun damage with antioxidants, whilst the nourishing conditioner bar smooths the hair cuticles to reduce frizz. Made to last, they’ll serve you well whether you’re on a short or long-haul holiday. Plus, you don’t need to worry about traveling with liquids which makes life much easier at the airport. 


It’s best to avoid styling your hair with heat for a beach holiday as you’ve already got the sun sizzling your strands for most of the day. Plus, when you’re dealing with exotic temperatures you want to be travelling with quick, easy hair products that don’t cause you work up an even bigger sweat. 

To effortlessly style your hair without heat, try the alott Sea Salt Spray to recreate beach-inspired waves off the sandy shores without dryness. It features award-winning Halen Môn sea salt to absorb excess oil (and sweat!) for texture, and bergamot to increase nutrient and oxygen delivery. For that extra oomph, Epsom salts maxmise volume. All you need to do is work on being sun-kissed. 



How else are you going to carry all your hair products to the beach? UV protectant spray, a hairbrush, and a microfiber towel are just a few things we wouldn’t want to be catching waves without. Simple yet stylish, our multi-purpose Cotton Tote Bag is perfect for ocean lovers with a graphic wavey print that can be neatly folded inside your suitcase.